Defying Gravity

by Jon Mess

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Matthew Blanchard
Matthew Blanchard thumbnail
Matthew Blanchard As nonsensical as you'd expect a Jon Mess solo album to be. It might not be that great, but it's certainly unique. Favorite track: Big Furniture.
Jordan Van Dyke
Jordan Van Dyke thumbnail
Jordan Van Dyke A great album! Very different but very good, exactly what id expect from him Favorite track: CauseI'mStrapped.
Spencer Colucy
Spencer Colucy thumbnail
Spencer Colucy Gotta Love Jon Mess. Never confined. Always doing exactly what he wants :D Favorite track: Noon.
Marco Wong
Marco Wong thumbnail
Marco Wong It something really different from everything else and is refreshing to hear things like this. Favorite track: CauseI'mStrapped.
alyx canellas
alyx canellas thumbnail
alyx canellas i'm pretty sure enjoying this album makes me a worthless, hipster piece of shit, but it's worth it. these sounds speak to me on a spiritual level. help me Favorite track: ClosetMask.
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"Upon first listen, I had no idea what this asinine excuse for a recording was meant to convey. Through further inspection, my brain insisted that the artist must suffer from some sort of cognitive dissonance disorder, possibly over time, accumulating a hefty sum of backed up ear wax, stretching from canal to brain, preventing any attempt at cohesion or semblance of structure in the work. Douchebags and assholes will site this record as pure genius."

"The production was meh, I really thought production, production, but when I think about production I think about journalism classes I took to write about music, so what is production?"

"Jon Mess has used the brunt of his intellectual stupor to weave a tapestry of innovation and collapsible imagery that only an idiot savant could gregariously muster"

"Its times like these that defying gravity has exploded onto the scene, there's no telling where this compost-heap-of-a-half-digested, behemoth of a record, will take him and his unique brand of underdeveloped troll pop."

"An arrangement of sounds pretending to be music isn't really music music, per say, but somehow I feel that this is music disguised as not music, and is therefore actually music."

"Someone once said, how can we know good without knowing evil? How can we ever know if the music we are listening to is good or bad without first hearing Defying Gravity?
Jon Mess paints us an audio landscape of atrocious proportions. Covering the 65 shades and forms of terrible, annoying, and insane, this malicious attack on the ears sheds light upon the side of music we shun and hide from. Escape into a world, bleak and barren, thick and textured, simple and complex, dumb and gay, and experience the transcendental understanding of what it means to hear a creation that is truly wrong."

"It took a lot of hallucinogenic mushrooms and painkillers, but after the first 18 listens I found a few parts kinda catchy."

This album was recorded at Jon Mess apartment in Sacramento, CA.
A donation of $1 or more will go towards paying rent to Jon Mess apartment and recording studio.
All vocals are "freestyle" and not pre-written, many of the lyrics are unknown and difficult to decipher.


released September 13, 2012

Special Thanks:
Will Swan- guest vocal last section of "Appetizerzer" and guest guitar last section of "Gargler"
Eric Lodge- Bass on "Appetizerzer"



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Jonmess Sacramento, California

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